Miley Cyrus Desperately Seeking Lesbian Experimentation?

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It seems Miley Cyrus, or at least a “former A list tweener actress” who sounds a lot like the former Hannah Montana star has reportedly evinced an interest in some same-sex experimentation. According to sources, the former tween star who is now an adult, they “seem to be stuck with” this “former A List tweener actress” who “for a few more years was recently filming a movie. One of her co-stars is a lesbian and the two started talking about it. At one point our tweener was talking about how it was wrong and blah blah and then next thing you know she is asking her co-star if she would be willing to experiment with her.”

The interesting thing about this story is that there’s no explanation of how it came to be leaked. Did the lesbian co-star tattle? And if so, why? Was her lesbian sex with Miley Cyrus disappointing? Or did Miley chicken out at the last-minute? Perhaps there was a hidden microphone and video camcorder. If so, where’s the sex tape? Surely, it would have reared its head by now.

Good grief. This story is so phony, it doesn’t need Gossip Cop to demolish it. Miley Cyrus hasn’t exactly emerged from her tween years as a shrinking violet. Not only has she come out publicly in support of gay marriage, she actually “faked a lesbian kiss with a back up dancer for Can’t Be Tamed.” If she were indeed bisexual or even bi-curious, chances are she’d be up front about it.

Wherever she is, Miley Cyrus is probably laughing at the latest installment in the How-Dare-Miley-Cyrus-Grow-Up-And-Have-A-Sexuality campaign.

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