Miley Cyrus Dressing Like Jessica Simpson and a Supermodel: Who Looks Best?

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Miley Cyrus has recently become engaged to actor Liam Hemsworth, but that doesn’t mean she’s turned over any of her fashion independence. The entertainer, who is prone to provocative Twitter posts and who is no stranger to revealing ensembles, hasn’t changed her sartorial statements one bit and is frequently partial to see-through, super-short and skin-baring moments. And she’s often known for her sometimes sloppy, hippie chic statements—that is, when she’s not rocking her pilates attire.

But, recently, Cyrus, 19, was seeing stars. A day after the Fourth of July, she celebrated her freedom of style with Wildfox’s red-and-white star sweater—and seemingly little else. She donned the oversized number that’s shredded and distressed at the bottom, with black sneakers. But, due to its length, it covered up any Daisy Dukes she may have been wearing underneath. So was this pantsless perfection or plain fashion faux pas?

Given Miley Cyrus’ rather “unique” sense of style, it’s rather ironic that not one, but two other very different bold names would also be wearing the same look. There’s just something about that sweater!

But it is a festive and trendsetting way to show that Independence Day spirit, as can be seen in the photos posted on Celebuzz. Jessica Simpson apparently thought so, as the new mom was photographed in it on the Fourth of July with her little family.

Another new mama, Alessandra Ambrosio, was also spotted in stars on the same day. Given the pullover’s forgiving silhouette, it makes a good choice for hiding any post-pregnancy pounds.

Not that Ambrosio has any! The Victoria’s Secret supermodel, who is engaged to California businessman Jamie Mazur, definitely looked the best in the Wildfox design, as the Brazilian beauty celebrated the US of A. She smartly tucked part of the sweater into a cute pair of denim shorts and paired the outfit with sandals, cool shades and a hat. Tres chic!

Miley Cyrus may have been able to achieve a similarly more pulled-together look had she just tucked in part of her pullover.

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