Miley Cyrus Engaged After Threatening Liam Hemsworth?

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Did Miley Cyrus get engaged after giving Liam Hemsworth an ultimatum? The answer is simply “no.” Since the teen queen and her Hunger Games hunk have gotten engaged so young, it seems as though the tabloids are reeling to try to find ways to “explain” their engagement. Evidently two kids can’t be in love without some kind of drama.

Gossip Cop has debunkFile:MileyCyrusApr09.jpged a report that claimed Miley told Liam to propose… or else. A source tells the site that “the engagement is about nothing more than the stars’ love for one another and desire to spend the rest of their lives together.” A rep for Hemsworth also says that the claim isn’t true. So there’s that.

Miley Cyrus got engaged to Liam Hemsworth the “right” way, not with any threats or ultimatums. Obviously she and Liam feel as though they want to be together forever, and even though they are young, they are celebrities and this is typical Hollywood. Who knows if these kids will make it? Only time will tell.

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