Miley Cyrus Engaged, Reaches Another Milestone!

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June is turning out to be an amazing month for Miley Cyrus. The former Hannah Montana star recently announced her engagement to Liam Hemsworth and now she has reached another milestone. However, this one isn’t nearly as exciting as an engagement, but is still pretty cool!

MileyCyrusApr09Over the weekend, Miley reached 6 million followers on the social networking site, Twitter. She thanked her fans for the support tweeting, “thanks everyone for getting me to 6 milllll =] love yall.” Of course, 6 million certainly seems like a lot, but believe it or not, Cyrus hasn’t even cracked the top 50 for most Twitter followers (she’s number 53.) In fact, there are three more Disney darlings who have more followers than the bride-to-be.

According to Twitaholic, Selena Gomez ranks number 15, with more than 11 million followers. Demi Lovato has over 7 million followers, ranking at number 35 while even Ashley Tisdale ranks higher than Miley Cyrus, with over 7 million followers, coming in at number 39.

Obviously, the list fluctuates frequently due to people gaining and losing Twitter followers, but do you find it surprising that there are so many celebrities that have more followers than Miley Cyrus?

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