Miley Cyrus Escapes Assault Claim in Club Incident

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Last week, someone accused Miley Cyrus of assault. The man in question said Miley pushed and punched him. However, the Hannah Montana star isn’t being charged with battery. That begs the question: Why not?

The answer is simple. A surveillance tape of the incident shows that Liam and Miley apparently had a tiff with a third-party at a club. What the tape doesn’t show, however, is Miley hitting or punching anyone. In fact, according to those who reviewed the tape, there’s no evidence of physical violence of any kind. That means Miley is innocent. Thereby, a battery charge doesn’t apply.

According to both Liam and Miley, the argument came about when a club attendee kept bumping into Liam’s chair. They asked him to stop. However, they also say that’s as far as the argument went. It would seem the video backs up their statements. Hence, there is no valid claim and criminal charges can’t be filed.

Apparently, the man in question thought Miley might pay up if he made enough noise to blemish her reputation. His assumption was wrong. Miley Cyrus stood her ground and everything turned out just as it should have.

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