Miley Cyrus Fan Account Hacked

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Miley Cyrus isn’t the only one being targeted on Twitter! A fan account that she follows and tweets regularly was hacked, the culprit obtaining login information and unfollowing/blocking the teen queen! Luckily the person who runs the fan page was able to recover the account and notify Miley about it!
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“I’m so happy @mileycyrus refollowed! Some hacker got in and blocked her (sic),” the owner of the account tweeted. “What a douche!!! Sorry someone hacked you. So lame!” Miley tweeted in response.

It seems as though these hackers will do whatever they can to mess with celebrities, and that includes targeting their fan sites and street teams. It’s unfortunate that this happened, but thankfully it sounds like the account was recovered and Miley Cyrus saw the tweets, which is great.

Hacking happens more often than you might think so having a strong password—that only you know—is essential. If you think you might have been hacked, it’s imperative to change your password and contact the owner of the site you were hacked on to notify them.

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