Miley Cyrus Flashes Breast, Days After Wearing No Panties in Public!?

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Miley Cyrus might as well run down the street naked at this point. Mere days after Miley skipped panties while wearing a miniskirt and flashing her entire bare crotch to the world, Miley showed the world even more of the goods. It makes you wonder if she is just allergic to underwear.

That’s right, Miley decided to wear a men’s Iron Maiden muscle shirt sans bra. What happens when a female wears such a garment without a bra, you ask? How about yet another opportunity for the paparazzi to document a wardrobe malfunction. This time it is the entire side of her left breast. Of course, this is the exact same shirt that Miley is seen in (from the front) in a photo that she posts to Twitter with her mother. Obvious to the casual observer, Miley’s mother must condone her 19-year-old daughter ‘letting it all hang out’ for the world to see.

Billy Ray Cyrus must be mortified. Either Miley Cyrus is this stupid, she is calling out for help, or is just an attention whore. One would think that Miley would have put on some undergarments until the last scandal died down. Those people would be wrong. Parents, this is not the same Hannah Montana your kids grew up with, that’s for sure.

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