Miley Cyrus Gets Mad on Twitter!

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Miley Cyrus had a run-in with paparazzi on Thursday. Lucky for her she got a little “love” when she got home. Was it from Liam Hemsworth? Not quite, she got love from her puppies.

So how angry was Miley? Oh, she was pretty ticked off at the paparazzi for following her while she was walking her dogs… again. Don’t they get the same shot about twice a day?

Of course, Cyrus took her frustration out on the Twitter, as if any of the photographers will pay any attention to her rant anyway. The question is, would she actually follow through with the threat to pick-up and move to Nashville?

So, how exactly did Miley Cyrus calm down after a rather difficult time walking the dogs? Did she snuggle up with her boyfriend, Liam Hemsworth? Hardly. She got loving from her puppies… or at least got to watch them play, putting a smile on her face.

Good for Miley. Hopefully she got her anger out of her system and will move past this. Miley needs to realize that the important people in her life are the ones that give her love… Liam Hemsworth and her puppies.

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