Miley Cyrus Gets Political and Channels Her Inner Role Model?

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Miley Cyrus has long grown out of her Disney darling days, where she channeled a far more tame image as Hannah Montana. Now the singer-actress is more known for her boundaries-pushing Twitter posts, her tattoos and cigarette breaks, her revealing wardrobe picks and her daring new androgynous, cropped haircut. She’s also engaged to Australian actor-hunk, Liam Hemsworth, a handsome fellow who perhaps provides a refreshing, casual normalcy to her sometimes controversial moments and out-of-this-world exits.

However, Cyrus, 19, is now hearkening back to her more basic role-model days and setting a positive example that everyone can embrace with a new public service announcement. And it should definitely catch the attention of her fans and followers who continue to embrace all shades of Cyrus.

File:82nd Academy Awards, Miley Cyrus - army mil-66456-2010-03-09-180301.jpgIn the “Rock the Vote” PSA, the entertainer gets political and rocks her own punk-star look with her peroxide coif, a black T-shirt, her signature barely-bum-covering denim cutoffs, a nose ring and a safety pin earring. Yes, she’ll definitely grab some stares, and she is undeniably the “rebel” among the group of other bold names encouraging young Americans to vote on November 6, including Neil Patrick Harris, Jane Lynch, Josh Duhamel, Miranda Cosgrove, Darren Criss, Kathy Griffin, Joel McHale, Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Eric Stonestreet. It’s a bright and motley mix of stars, but a smart casting move–each celeb has a wide fan base that probably hits different segments of the population.

As Daily Mail confirms, first-time voter Miley Cyrus announces for the PSA, “We will stand our ground,” as she dramatically scrawls “We will” in black marker. Silhouettes of dancers add more impact in the background—another smart and calculated move on the part of the PSA’s production team, as they’re no doubt capitalizing on the dance fever that has captured audiences with shows like Dancing with the Stars and So You Think You Can Dance.

Cyrus even took to Twitter, with a positive rather than a provocative post, saying, “#WeWill be heard! I’m in @Rockthevote’s new PSA. Watch, register, & make your choice this November!”

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