Miley Cyrus; Girl Gone Stupid

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Miley Cyrus claims that she isn’t some “good girl gone bad,” like some recent celeb rags would have her labeled; and she’s right. One would have to actually be good at one point to in fact “go bad.” The famous daughter of Billy Ray Cyrus is trying to play down this bad girl persona she’s adopted, and it isn’t working. It looks like she forgot about the internet and the memory spans of people who see her in the news.

Miley Cyrus 2011 MTV Video Music Awards.Nokia Theatre L.A. Live, Los Angeles, CA.August 28, 2011.

Sure, Miley Cyrus isn’t the next Amy Winehouse or Lindsay Lohan, but she certainly isn’t America’s sweetheart like she once had a chance at being. Unfortunately, her ambiguous relationship with her father paired with frequent paparazi shots of her partying and dressing/acting seductively aren’t necessarily making her smell like a white mushroom.

For a bright, shining 15 seconds Miley Cyrus was a “good girl” as Hannah Montana but that novelty quickly wore off as soon as the child-star got a state of celebrity treatment and status. Since then she’s been photographed without a bra, recorded getting high off salvia, recorded giving adult men lap dances and photographed in unsettling poses with her aging country-singing father.

Now, she’s been recently spotted dancing provocatively for her boyfriend, Liam Hemsworth. Sources say she wasn’t doing anything over-the-top, but that was probably because her mom was in the room. Miley Cyrus doesn’t understand the good girl gone bad comment made about her in recent magazines because she says she’s had the same boyfriend for two years. Is someone suffering from memory loss?


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