Miley Cyrus Giving Up Twitter…Sort Of

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Miley Cyrus took to Twitter on Wednesday to state that she was taking a break from tweeting. How long will she be gone and will anyone really care?

Miley hopped on her Twitter account with this very simple and straight-forward tweet complete with a photo (at bottom):

Taking a break from twitter this week to enjoy being home. Love ya guys

Ok, so maybe she is not completely quitting Twitter. She has tried to do that in the past, only to be drawn back in. It is quite odd that she chose Wednesday to announce that she was quitting her Twitter addiction, if only for the week.

Does this mean until Sunday night? Perhaps it means fans won’t see her post until next Wednesday, giving her a full seven days of a social media blackout of sorts. Will her fans even miss her as she takes a break from them?

Unfortunately, though for a good cause, Miley Cyrus’ self-imposed Twitter holiday was a whopping 41 minutes when she posted this re-tweet:

help @twloha win one million dollars to bring hope and help to people battling depression and suicide. Please vote!!

Obviously either Miley Cyrus is a complete addict (perhaps someone at TWLOHA could help her with the addiction) when it comes to her smartphone and Twitter, or she just has no concept of what a “week” is. Perhaps she could use a little help that 41 minutes does not an hour, yet alone a week make!

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