Miley Cyrus Goes Bra-less Again: A New Trend?

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Miley Cyrus has left little to the imagination–again–stepping out without a bra and flashing some serious side cleavage (and her dream catcher tattoo). What’s worse is she selected a flimsy white tank for ultimate exposure, as she grabbed a hot dog at a food truck in Culver City.

This free-spirited pop star was obviously born in the wrong era, as she would have fit right in with the bra-burning feminists of the ’60s or the hippie flower children (notoriously unbound by undergarments) of the ’70s.

So with multiple incidents sans brassiere and with serious side cleavage, both on and off the red carpet, is the pop star endeavoring to let it all hang out and start a new fashion trend? Or are her exhibitionist tendencies really just for silliness and show (plus the requisite buzz)?

Maybe a bit of both. After all, Miley Cyrus has not been shy in acknowledging her preference to go bra-less, admitting “I am who I am! #braless” on Twitter not too long ago.

She’s obviously not concerned about the lack of modesty affecting her status as a teen role model, given her previous indiscretions with scanty wardrobe selections and that infamous bong. It’s also becoming clear that Miley Cyrus, a frequent fashion police victim, might not become a young style icon either, unlike some of her peers such as Selena Gomez. That’s okay though… nothing like marching to the beat of one’s own drum, with or without a bra.

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