Miley Cyrus Goes for Grungy, Masculine Style: Could Liam Hemsworth Really Like the Look?

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Miley Cyrus has been categorized by her boundaries-pushing shock-and-awe factor ever since transitioning out of her more wholesome days as Disney darling, Hannah Montana. From tattoos to racy Twitter posts, skin-baring ensembles and now her latest surprise, a surprisingly short, cropped haircut, she’s done it all. And her engagement to longtime flame, Liam Hemsworth, obviously hasn’t been enough to quell the fire on her provocative spirit.

Speaking of her Australian actor fiancé, he’s apparently been nothing but supportive of his girl’s new crazy hair antics. He’s a fan of her edgy, androgynous ‘do (well, at least publicly), that’s even been called “gay” by Evan Rachel Wood. But can he be in love with her latest exit that has her fully embracing an even more masculine and messy grunge vibe?

She’s done the hippie-chic thing, rocked the skimpy Pilates workout wear, and has worked the see-through and the bra-less “trend.” But with her new peroxide strands, it seems the singer-actress is really turning a corner on a whole new level of edginess. She was spotted in New York City on Thursday, cutting a gritty profile that was pretty far from the traditional idea of prettiness.

File:Miley Cyrus 2009 VH1 Divas 2.jpgMiley Cyrus paired a simple black T-shirt with her signature cut-off Daisy Duke shorts. But that’s where the relative normalcy stopped. Piled around her neck were gold, oversized rapper-like chains and tied haphazardly around her shorts was a huge camo jacket that floated behind her like some sort of strange tail. Patent leather, laced up combat boots were even more incongruous. If it weren’t for the footwear, she almost could have looked as if she just rolled out of bed. She even took the popular bedhead style seriously with her shock of white-blonde hair that was fairly disheveled. Daily Mail has photos here.

It was certainly a bold exit, even for the streets of NYC, and perhaps even for M.C. She deserves props for pulling it off—as only she could. However, the entertainer is certainly a completely different girl—physically, anyway—than who Liam Hemsworth proposed to! Hopefully, he’s still okay with it, and she may want to cross her fingers that she doesn’t wind up on Fashion Police‘s infamous “starlet or streetwalker” segment! They may not be so understanding of her brash embrace of grunge.

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