Miley Cyrus Goes Full Frontal : Exposes Herself To The Paps!

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Miley Cyrus really should know better than to leave the house without her underwear. Didn’t she learn anything from Britney Spears and Paris Hilton?

Apparently not.

The teen starlet was snapped getting into her car and as she lifted her leg the paparazzi took an ill times photo which revealed Miley wasn’t wearing any underwear. It’s definitely a TMI moment.

Of course the graphic photo has made its way on to the internet for the world to see, but Miley Cyrus probably won’t blink an eye since she has had nude photos of herself posted online in the past.

Hopefully from now on Miley will remember to put on her underwear before she leaves the house! She should know she is being followed by photogs and they want to get the money shot—which in this case, they did.

Do you think Miley Cyrus is going down the wrong path and starting to become more like the hot mess, Lindsay Lohan, rather than the super-sleek Selena Gomez?

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