Miley Cyrus: Goodbye ‘Hannah Montana’

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Miley Cyrus says goodbye to Hannah Montana on Sunday night, in the final episode of the long running Disney Channel show, marking nearly five straight highly successful years on the air.

According to RadarOnline, Hannah Montana first aired in March of 2006, with Cyrus in the lead role. By day she played Miley, a normal teenager and by night she was Hannah, one of the most sought-after young female rock singers around. Cyrus’ real-life dad Billy Ray Cyrus also played her father on the series.

While little girls everywhere are likely mourning the end of Hannah Montana, it’s definitely time for Miley Cyrus to retire her role. The Disney role she portrayed was one of a wholesome teenager, even when playing the rock star Hannah. In real life, however, Cyrus hasn’t even come close to living a wholesome life. Between scantily clad photos that have circulated both print and online publications, and the infamous news story of Miley at a party smoking salvia from a bong–these aren’t the things parents want their daughters associating with Hannah Montana. And they’re certainly not actions they want them emulating.

People have wondered if Miley Cyrus will find the same kind of success post-Hannah Montana that she enjoyed while filming the show. Some even theorize that this may be the reason for the scandalous press of late. While Cyrus on her own has some talent, she likely doesn’t have the voluminous appeal that her Disney character does. Could the run of recent seductive modes of dress and inappropriate scenarios be an effort to keep her in the limelight in case her singing isn’t enough to do so?

What’s next for Miley Cyrus? There’s certainly a lot going on in the 18-year-old’s personal life, with parents Billy Ray and Tish Cyrus getting a divorce. Now that filming and related appearances for the Hannah Montana role are over, hopefully fans see Miley surface as merely a young singer. It would be nice to see her put away the sleazy image she’s portrayed recently, and simply concentrate on that singing career.

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