Miley Cyrus Haircut: How Short Is Too Short?

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For Miley Cyrus, shorter seems better, though it makes you wonder what, if anything, fiance Liam Hemsworth has to say about her new look. It was just a few weeks ago that Miley bleached her hair and cut it short.

Now Ms. Cyrus has cut her hair even shorter. If she goes much shorter, Miley might as well get a buzz cut. Of course, there have been plenty of opinions about Miley and her even shorter, new hairdo. After she posted a photo of herself holding new puppy, Penny Lane, fans were actually quite positive about the shorter look. Many complained that the first cut was just odd looking.

Now Miley Cyrus looks a bit more mature and put together. Thank goodness, because the stage she took to get to where she is now was a bit of a shaggy mess. Did she figure that out on her own? Was it Liam Hemsworth who told her to get it trimmed? Perhaps it was her stylist who corrected the mess, giving Miley a more simplistic look.

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