Miley Cyrus Haircut: What Liam Hemsworth Really Thinks of Her Extreme Look

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Miley Cyrus surprised many when she recently took her hair to a peroxide shade of platinum, and she shocked her followers (and perhaps her fiancé, Liam Hemsworth, too!) even more when she bravely chopped off her strands, yielding an edgy, pixie-like, androgynous ‘do, completely unlike anything the boundaries-pushing singer-actress has flaunted before. The skin-baring, tattoo-flaunting, provocative Twitter-poster never has really been one for subtlety, after all. And while she tweeted out pics of the cropped look, it still is a bit stunning to see photos of Cyrus out and about after this serious scissor action. Bold moves for an engaged bride-to-be!

She’s claimed that she feels pretty and that she does not care what anyone thinks about her haircut, and on top of that, insiders have reported that Hemsworth loves it. But what does he really think?! Good Morning America got the answer, straight from the source.

File:Miley Cyrus 2009 VH1 Divas 2.jpgThe hunky Australian actor, who captured attention in The Hunger Games, was promoting the Expendables 2 on the morning show last Thursday, Aug. 16, but his interview wasn’t without some personal questions. Shocker! And when talk turned to Miley Cyrus and her locks or lack thereof, he said, “Her hair looks great. It’s a big change—it looks really fantastic.” Apparently he really is a fan, at least for the public record.

And what a good sport. He would probably stand up for his girl, even if she shaved her head—hopefully, she doesn’t go there, though! Some guys might really balk at such a hairstyle that’s borderline masculine and certainly a bit of an acquired taste. But Liam Hemsworth has nothing but love and is handily ignoring any hair haters. As Celebuzz reports, he even admitted, “I try not to go on the Internet too much. I try to keep my life right in front of me. It makes me nervous.”

Ironic words from the man who’s been filming Paranoia!

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