Miley Cyrus Hangs with Mother Amid Crotch Shot Controversy!

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Miley Cyrus has had a tumultuous couple of weeks to say the least. For one night however, Miley put aside fake engagement rings, scandalous paparazzi photos of her naked crotch, and anorexia allegations to watch a little television with her mom.

Of course, many would argue that Miley Cyrus spending the day with her mother Tish Cyrus (AKA “the enabler”) is probably not good. Tish is just going to tell Miley that everything she is doing is fine, and that the problem is with other people. Of course things like video of Miley cursing out the camera men, followed up by Miley choosing not to wear panties and then getting mad when she flashes everyone are someone else’s fault, right?

“I ? Mommy and me days. She makes me so happy,” claims Miley Cyrus via Twitter, who spent the evening watching Prison Break with her mom. Of course she loves them, the “enabler” will always defend the indefensible. Miley can do no wrong in her eyes, even if things like “naked crotch shots because she doesn’t wear underwear” is nowhere close to defensible. Doesn’t it just make you shake your head in wonder?

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