Miley Cyrus Has A New Boyfriend Thanks To Selena Gomez

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Miley Cyrus has reportedly acquired a new boyfriend, thanks to an extremely unlikely matchmaker. It seems that when the former Hannah Montana star heard that Patrick Schwarzenegger, son of former California governator and Maria Shriver, was crushing on her big-time, she did what any girl would do. She asked a mutual friend for his phone number. That mutual friend was none other than Justin Bieber’s girlfriend, The Wizards of Waverly Place star, Selena Gomez.

Needless to say, 17-year-old Patrick S. was surprised and thrilled to receive a call from his ultimate crush, Miley Cyrus. The two teens met for lunch in Malibu last month, and since then, they’ve had several “coffee dates.”

“Miley is looking to rope Patrick into a full-fledged romance,” claims an inside source.

And what do the famous teens’ ultra famous parental units think of their possibly budding romance? Billy Ray and Tish Cyrus are allegedly thrilled. They see Patrick as “the kind of stable guy Miley needs.” Unfortunately, the Schwarzeneggers don’t share their enthusiasm. They’re reportedly worried that Miley will “lure Patrick into the Hollywood party scene.”

Wonder if either Arnold or Maria will have a change of heart now that they have separated after 25 years of marriage?

Just saying.

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