Miley Cyrus Hot for Ashton Kutcher? Mila Kunis Thinks So

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Poor Miley Cyrus. It’s bad enough that the media loves to project so much negativity onto this woman. Now her fellow celebrity–and woman–Mila Kunis is doing the same thing. Mila is reportedly terrified that Miley is scheming to take Ashton Kutcher away from her now that La Cyrus has signed on to appear in a couple of Two and a Half Men episodes. But does Kunis have any reason to be jealous? Or is she just crazy–er–worrying her pretty little head about nothing?

“She’s concerned that with Ashton’s checkered cheating history, he could easily fall prey to Miley’s charms, an inside source revealed.

La Kunis is reportedly so paranoid about La Cyrus that she’s threatened to make “regular drop-in visits to the set to make sure he and Miley are on their best professional behavior.


Mila has also decided to limit Ashton’s “extracurricular partying or socializing with Miley.”

Well, good luck with all that Mila. Ashton Kutcher definitely seems like the kind of man who can be controlled. Demi Moore sure did a fine job of it. Duh.

Anyhow, in this particular case, Mila is probably worried over nothing. While Kutcher may or may not be interested in hooking up with the former Hanna Montana star, Miley Cyrus seems so head over heels in love with her fiancé, Liam Hemsworth, she probably won’t even notice Kutcher is alive. Liam is younger, better looking, and thanks to The Hunger Games, he’s also hotter career-wise than Ashton What’s-His-Punk’d.

Ah, the relationships-go-round.

Seriously, best of luck to all concerned.

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