Miley Cyrus, Hot New Video “Can’t be Tamed”

Miley Cyrus is growing up before our eyes, and she can’t be tamed! (or so she claims)   Her latest video just showed up on Vevo for her single, “Can’t be tamed,”  and for Cyrus fans, they won’t be disappointed.

Growing into the next pop princess and heading toward “sexy” she shows off her legs, and her curves in two different bird costumes.   Though the sound of her singing is over-produced, the younger “club crowd” will completely dig the song.

Cyrus, a bird in a cage inside of an exhibit in a natural history museum, comes to life and dances through the halls.  The choreography at times seems to come from Michael Jackson’s Bad video, but it works.   There are also shots of Miley laying in a bed of peacock feathers.

My question is this:  Are they over-sexing this teen pop princess, or is this just the logical progression that both Brittany Spears and Christina Aguilera took after their turns on Disney’s Mickey Mouse Club?  All I know is that this is no Hannah Montana.

Watch the video here:




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