Miley Cyrus in panty photos…..

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Warning to Miley Cyrus (Hannah Montana) fans, you might not want to see her wearing her underwear. I just came across these photos of Miley today and not sure of the date authenticity of the photos, but I am pretty sure it is real. I found this at Perez Hilton website. Well, obviously Miley enjoy taking picture with her panty on. These pictures to my knowledge were at least publishing in January 2008. With the recent photos of Miley Cyrus crotch shot it is not surprising when you see photos of Cyrus in her panty.

I really don’t get it, how come young girl want to grow up so fast and why don’t parents take a greater stand against this kind of behavior. With that said I am pretty sure parent would never let their kids act this way therefore, it must be that she enjoy doing this. It is just sad, that Miley Cyrus doesn’t understand the responsibility of being a pop icon. Miley has so many young viewer and fans looking up to her. It is important good role model.

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