Miley Cyrus Irritated with Dad for Starting Ridiculous Rumors

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Miley Cyrus sounds less than pleased with her daddy, Billy Ray Cyrus. In fact, she basically calls him a liar. Is she really mad at him or is this just one of those things parents do to their kids? It sounds like the latter and despite her relatively harsh words, Miley doesn’t sound ready to completely disown her dad, yet.

During a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, Miley addressed the rumor, she was planning three weddings. Miley candidly states, “My dad knows nothing.” Ouch! So where did he get the idea? Miley thinks she knows what happened, “When he’s sitting in a press thing, he’s like, ‘Let’s make this fun. Let’s make some stuff up.'” Hmm, that isn’t something fans really want to hear.

Miley has already made it clear she is planning only one wedding and even that one is proving to be too much for her busy schedule. There is no way she would want to deal with three. She doesn’t sound too mad at her pops and blames it all on Hurricane Sandy. “I think he’s getting cabin fever from [Superstorm Sandy]. He got stuck in his hotel, and now he’s making up crazy things.” That is a good excuse as any.

Miley Cyrus praised her dad later in the interview for doing such a fabulous job raising her. Obviously, she loves him dearly and was not bashing him.

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