Miley Cyrus Is Eating Despite Weight Loss

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Miley Cyrus is still defending her weight even though she has already explained that she has a Gluten allergy. The teen queen has faced a lot of criticism for her slimming waistline but the truth is that she isn’t trying to lose weight—she was forced to alter her diet for health reasons.

Regardless of what youFile:BreakoutPerformance.jpg may read, Miley is eating and she’s not anorexic nor is she starving herself. Her sister, Noah Cyrus, took to Twitter to praise Miley for sticking up for herself—and Miley responded, “love you Noie! You saw how much I ate today at Easter lunch but all of it was healthy and even more fulfilling! Health is happiness!”

Miley Cyrus looks very lean but there is no cause for concern at this point. She is taking care of herself and getting proper amounts of nutrition. Plenty of people have food allergies that causes them to alter their eating habits. It’s just another part of life.

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