Miley Cyrus Is Happy Her Parents Decided to Call Off Divorce

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Miley Cyrus is very happy that her parents have called off their divorce. However, the teen sensation is a little reserved when it comes to showing her emotions surrounding her family’s situation.

As any chiMiley Cyrus - Wonder World Tour 5 croppedld would be, Miley (and her siblings) was very hurt when Tish and Billy Ray announced their decision to divorce. Over the past couple of months, things must have been pretty tense in the Cyrus household. Just days after Billy Ray announced that he would be retracting his divorce petition, new information has surfaced about Miley’s feelings about the whole ordeal.

“She is very happy and excited for the reconciliation [of] her parents, but her sisters seem to be showing their excitement even more. Miley is treading lightly because she was really hurt [when] her parents originally broke up, and does not want to take anything for granted,” said a source.

No one can blame Miley for being cautious. It’s very hard to see your parents fighting and what not, so it may be better for her to hold her ground until the dust settles. Sometimes kids have to cope with family issues in their own way, and Miley is clearly doing just that.

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