Miley Cyrus Is Having Problems with the Paparazzi: She Cannot Even Eat!

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Miley Cyrus and her Hunger Games fiancé Liam Hemsworth are no strangers to being in the spotlight. In fact, it seems as if Cyrus has previously welcomed it with open arms, given her attention-grabbing wardrobe moments (super-short, skin-baring and show-all) and her sometimes provocative Twitter posts. And now that she and Hemsworth are engaged, even more focus has narrowed in on the couple.

However, the former Disney darling has apparently had enough of the always-peeping paparazzi, recently declaring her disgust for the shutterbugs and complaining that she cannot even go out to eat they’re so intrusive!

She’s recently been photographed walking her dog, skateboarding with her man and attending her near-daily Pilates sessions, usually rocking rather creative and, yes, revealing sartorial statements. But she apparently wasn’t in the mood for an impromptu pose session on Friday, July 20.

As Entertainmentwise reports, the singer-actress took to Twitter to air her grievances, saying, “Thinking about eating Ziggy’s dog food I’m so hungry. But I’m stuck in this hotel like friggen Rapunzel cuz of the soul suckers on the street.”

Miley Cyrus, let down your hair! But no amount of flaxen strands would help this situation. She may have been forced to wait for her Prince Charming, aka Liam Hemsworth, to come bring her some sustenance! She has been in Philadelphia visiting her beau on the set of his new film, Paranoia—ironically, a rather suitable name to describe his girlfriend’s current attitude towards the paparazzi.

File:BreakoutPerformance.jpgDespite Cyrus’ prior questionable antics and her tendency to overly flaunt her assets, it’s hard to not sympathize with her situation and the plague of those “soul sucker” paps. Many fellow celebrities must feel the same way, as well, as they cannot even step out to go to the grocery store, or out to eat, or shopping, or to a movie without being caught in the act.

It seems like it’s been a particularly challenging week for Cyrus, as she earlier tweeted, “How legal is it for men I’ve never seen before to sit in front of my house and then follow me around. So shady and scary.”

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