Miley Cyrus Is Losing Weight On A Daily Basis

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Miley Cyrus has been vocal on her Twitter about eating well, doing daily exercise and trying to live a vegan lifestyle. However, it seems that every time she leaves the gym, she is looking skinnier and bonier. Hollywood Life got their hands on a recent picture of Miley leaving the gym yesterday and when comparing the picture to her body just a month ago, this skinny superstar isn’t looking too healthy anymore.

The picture snapped on Monday shows a very skinny Miley, where her bones are starting to show, including her collarbone and her very skinny arms. Although she is doing the dieting the healthy way, she isn’t looking too healthy. Miley Cyrus is looking downright scary skinny.

She isn’t sending the best message to her followers on Twitter. She needs to stop losing all of the weight, as she will soon end up being nothing but bones. Sure, she has the pressures of Hollywood, but didn’t she tweet that she didn’t care about what people thought in the industry when it came to being skinny? And could her food tweets about eating anything and everything be misleading?

Do you like her new skinny look or do you think she is going too far?

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