Miley Cyrus, Kirstie Alley Exchange ‘Mad Love,’ Girls Gone Sappy!

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Miley Cyrus has been home sick. She has felt “the love” from the normal places like her boyfriend Liam Hemsworth and her puppies, but Kirstie Alley giving Miley love? Gotta see this to believe it!

Miley Cyrus Icon -- Comment if you save/use/like/dislike - Cr... on TwitpicAll of this started when Miley Cyrus decided to share the love via Twitter. Perhaps this is the best way to share “mad love” since she might still be contagious with whatever bug she had. Miley tweeted:

Feelin mad love today. Xo

Of course, many fans responded back, which is has to be a nice stroke to the young Ms. Cyrus’ ego, but then someone “famous” chimed in. Actress, comedian, and chronic yo-yo dieter Kirstie Alley responded:

“@MileyCyrus: Feelin mad love today. Xo” I love you madly… u are a rare breed of talent and soul…xxxxo

Miley Tweeted back to Kirstie and the love fest was complete!

@kirstiealley love you more! Mama #3 ;)

Before one goes questioning too far about Miley Cyrus and Kirstie Alley’s relationship, one thing that the two do have in common is that they have both be punching bags for the tabloids.

Perhaps of all people, it may be Kirstie’s experiences that help her relate with all that Miley has gone through between family and scandal right in front of the media. No matter what, at least someone was getting some “mad love” on Twitter.

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