Miley Cyrus’ Latest Nip Slip–She Has Plenty of Celebrity Competition

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Poor Miley Cyrus. She’s upset the prudes and haters again. This time, she allegedly Tweeted a photo of what has been described as a nipple slip. Which is rather interesting since she’s wearing a blouse which completely covers both her breasts. True, her top is skin-tight, and her offending nipple does look as if the room was very cold indeed when the pic was taken. Still, there was no skin exposed. The haters are really getting desperate for sexually oriented faux pas committed by the former Hannah Montana star. They may have to spread some of their antipathy around to her celebrity competitors. However, they may have to wait awhile for that as well. Recently, it seems the So Undercover star has had a lot of competition.

According to The TMR Zoo, Lady Gaga showed off her nether part’s piercing a week or so ago, Britney Spears showed off her panties, and Kate Hudson bared her crotch in London. TMR Zoo also acknowledges that “even Glee‘s Heather Morris and Naomi Campbell showed a bit of skin…with nip slips.”

So, instead of wondering if Miley Cyrus’ nipple slip tweet is a sign of her hurtling towards her “16th minute of fame,” and prattling inane Dr. Drew-ish psychobabble about “daddy issues” and “a cry for attention,” maybe they should spread the wealth of their misogynistic contempt. Better yet, perhaps they should take their own advice. In other words, perhaps they should take the high road, and leave Miley and all the other women alone.

Note: Click here if you must to see the “uncensored” Miley Cyrus nipple slip photo.

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