Miley Cyrus, Liam Hemsworth Drama? Is She Upstaging His ‘Hunger Games’ Fame?

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Is there some drama between Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth now that he’s starred in Hunger Games? Could Liam’s Hunger Games fame be causing Miley to become green with envy? Or is she just happy for him?

MILEY CYRUS 8X10 PHOTOEver since Cyrus flashed a picture of a huge ring on her wedding finger under the guise of showing off her nail polish, the world has been speculating about whether or not she and Hemsworth are engaged.

However, now that she’s denied those reports, other speculations have surfaced. Some are wondering if Cyrus tried to upstage Hemsworth by displaying the ring. Could someone be that egotistical that they’d purposefully steal their partner’s thunder? Yes, of course people can be but experts don’t think the singer’s true motives were to hurt.

Mark Allen & Co.’s Mark Pasetsky said, “She knows exactly what she’s doing. Anybody who is this level of a star, who has been in this business for this long, knows how the game works. They know how to extend the moment. I suspect she’s doing whatever she can to help him out. I don’t think she’s trying to take anything away from him. This actually helps him. It’s perfect timing. Suddenly, we’re talking about him. Mission accomplished.”

So, it seems that Jennifer Lawrence should be the one who’s miffed. First, Miley Cyrus shows up to the Hunger Games premiere showing off her toned abs in a sexy black two outfit, then Cyrus draws huge attention to Liam Hemsworth’s tiny part in the movie. If anything, Hemsworth is privately thanking his pop singer girlfriend for giving his career a nice boost in the tabloids.

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