Miley Cyrus, Liam Hemsworth Relationship Confusion?!

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Miley Cyrus’ trip to the doctor’s office last week certainly had at least one person concerned. Liam Hemsworth might have been a bit thrown off my reports of fiancé Miley heading to a routine doctor’s appointment… as he may have thought she was in the hospital. Talk about a confusing mix-up!

Look, there are plenty of “fake” reports mixed in with the real celebrity “news,” so it really is conceivable that Liam Hemsworth just got things mixed up by an erroneous tabloid report that Miley was in the hospital.

The thing is, wouldn’t someone (namely Miley) have actually made sure that Hemsworth were notified if she were actually in the hospital.

This leads to a bigger question. Did Miley Cyrus actually tell her future husband that she was headed to the clinic with her mother Tish? Is there a communication break-down between Miley and Liam.

Seriously, Liam may be on the other side of the country filming Hunger Games, but to not communicate forcing a panic phone call… this really could have been avoided.

“All I did was go get some blood work, just go give my blood for something and it’s, like, Liam’s calling me and [saying] ‘Are you in the hospital?'” claims Miley.

How did Liam not know that she was headed in for some “blood work?” Did the idea of communication seem to escape her? Is Liam Hemsworth supposed to read Miley’s mind? How is this relationship supposed to work, again?

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