Miley Cyrus Makes Trip to Marijuana Dispensary

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Miley Cyrus’s name is synonymous with controversy these days. Her once squeaky clean Disney girl image has been tarnished beyond the point of recognition and she does not appear to care. She thrives on the attention she gets from all the controversy and claims it is all a part of growing up.

She fueled rumors of her penchant for smoking pot by visiting a medical marijuana dispensary with a friend in Sherman Oakes. It is completely legal for those with prescriptions for the herbal remedy to buy it in California. It is not clear if she holds a prescription or was there as moral support for her friend. Either way, she had to have known there are cameras everywhere.

Of course her trip to a pot store would make headlines. The two ladies exited Therapeutic Health Care seemingly empty handed, but both looked like they might be thirsty. Interesting. Each carried a drink. Miley’s was nearly empty. If the girls made a purchase, they were probably smart enough to put it in one of their purses.

Miley Cyrus is familiar with the stoner reputation. She once joked she was a stoner, but quickly denied the rumors. Whatever the case may be, she looks healthy and she has long lost her role model status, so does it really matter? Lots of celebrities boast about their pot smoking.

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