Miley Cyrus, Marine Corp Ball Invite? Who’s Next?

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2011 might go down as the year every celebrity gets an invite to the Marine Corps Ball. Miley Cyrus is the latest in a line of A-list (and a few B-list) celebs that have gotten a video invite to the ball.

Miley Cyrus at Kids' Inaugural 3 croppedPFC Hart, stationed at Camp Pendleton in Southern California, posted a 42-second YouTube video asking Miley Cyrus to the dance. The video even included Miley’s version of Jessie J’s Party in the USA.

The question is, will Cyrus follow the lead of fellow stars Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis and say yes, or will she politely decline like Scarlett Johansson or Betty White.

Odds are that, even though the event is a short jog down the 405 Freeway, Miley Cyrus is more interested in spending time with her new puppy, Floyd. There are no messages on her Twitter page to PFC Hart accepting or rejecting his invite, but there are two tweets about Floyd. Perhaps if Hart had mentioned Floyd in his video, he would have stood a chance.

With Miley receiving the latest Marine Corps Ball invite, who will be next? Word on the street is Jennifer Lopez is single now!

Photo: C. Todd Lopez; Photo Courtesy of U.S. Army, via Wikimedia Commons

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