Miley Cyrus May Have Cut Her Hair, But She’s Still a Slob!

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There may have been a lot of changes in Miley Cyrus’ life lately with her engagement to Liam Hemsworth and new short platinum hairdo, but some things rarely change. She apparently hasn’t learned any new housekeeping skills, judging from a photo she posted on Twitter on Tuesday.

When a fan asked Miley if her puppy Happy made the mess, the star replied, “yes he did! He’s having a field day with the friggen toilet paper!” Granted, when you have a puppy (much less as many dogs as she and Liam have running around), you can expect a few messes on the floor. That doesn’t explain the dining room table, however!

Since Miley Cyrus apparently isn’t trying to get her home on the cover of Better Homes & Gardens, she can keep her house as slovenly as she likes. But, does she really want to broadcast to the world that she lives in a pig-sty? There’s a use for the crop feature on your imaging software, Miley. Cut the mess right out of the picture. The focal point should be you, not the trash all around you.

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