Miley Cyrus meltdown over Liam Hemsworth just another plea for media attention?

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Miley Cyrus has had another meltdown on Twitter causing friction between her and fiancé Liam Hemsworth. But are her social media outbursts planned with the hopes of keeping her name in the celeb gossip columns, entertainment news media, and tabloids?

Hollywood Life reports, “[The young actress and pop music singer] is so in love with her man, Liam Hemsworth, but there is reportedly a big issue that is creating serious tension in their relationship: her addiction to over sharing on Twitter! Perhaps that’s why she recently took to her account to make a very public plea for Liam to forgive her wild ways!”

Okay, hang on a moment. She and Liam had a fight about her using Twitter, so she posted an apology to him on her Twitter? Say what?

Miley Cyrus at Kids' Inaugural 2-recroppedIf the Disney Princess was serious about mending fences with her fiancé, wouldn’t she have talked to him face-to-face (personally)? as long as the celebrity couple has been dating, there have been rumors and gossip reports that he was displeased with her use of social media to connect with fans.

Since Cyrus’ popularity was almost entirely enmeshed with her Disney character, Hannah Montana, and the off-camera smiley Miley likes to take risqué photographs of herself scantily clad to put on the net, Hemsworth has enjoyed living a posh lifestyle with the young teen almost entirely at her expense. While the family kept news that the he had been living with the underage girl at their family compound on the down low, the singing TV stars finances have helped provide the funds to pay for a lavish lifestyle for everybody.

If she had not used social media to build her career, chances are the daughter of Billy Ray Cyrus would not be famous (let alone remembered) for her acting stint on children’s television. But, because she did have over two million followers on Twitter at one point, she used to be one of the most influential teens in history.

Then along came Liam. And guess what? He doesn’t like using the Internet to share information about himself and has a real problem that his younger girlfriend sends out tweets that sound about like the tone of any other teen.

Whether Miley is sharing information about being tired, hungry, frustrated with her job, irritated with her parents, forced struggling through some love drama, or angst about her personal relationship with her “Hunger Games” boyfriend, it really should be her decision about how she connects and receives emotional support and encouragement for her lifestyle from her fans.

In days of yore, celebrities answered fan mail that came in the form of letters mailed by the post. Now, star celebs can interact in real-time with their admirers. Using websites like Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus, they can chat and share status updates or make direct comment replies to critics and supporters.

Miley Cyrus, if nothing else, is a social media savvy teen who grafts the importance of using online technology to both develop and maintain a fan base. While she might not be the prettiest face in Hollywood, be the best actress, or have the greatest talent musically, she’s proved from a young age that she knows how to get the attention of tabloid magazine writers as well as mainstream media news providers.

To that end, it appears as if she intentionally plants either cryptic information or posts sexy pictures at least once a month to keep her name in the press.

Should Liam Hemsworth be irritated at Miley for this? If one were to take a peek at her bankbook and realize how young she really is to have achieved all of her fame and success, any logical person would have to answer no.

What’s more, Hollywood Life’s claim that social networking is ruining their relationship is likely to be bull. Granted yes, she did delete her two million plus followers back in the day when she put out a nasty viral video castigating bloggers for talking about her, but to think that she’d tweet her beau a serious apology now [and that would be her way to beg forgiveness] would seriously be both dumb and unwisely bold on her part.

She simply does not seem to be that foolish or naïve a girl.

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