Miley Cyrus’ Naked Crotch Shot Still Online: Therapist Questions Motive

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Miley Cyrus is no stranger to crotch shots. A few years ago, Perez Hilton was slammed for displaying NSFW crotch shots of the then underage singer. Since then, Miley has graduated to completely nude crotch shots as evident in photos snapped by paparazzi just a few days go.

MILEY CYRUS 8X10 PHOTOThe young singer was leaving a Windsor Pilates class wearing a tight black mini dress at the time. As usual, Cyrus was surrounded by a swarm of paparazzi whose patience won out when they got the money shot. Cyrus (accidentally?) exposed her panty-less crotch when she got in to her car. Now, those naked crotch shots are on the Internet along with the covered crotch shots from a few years ago.

However, Cyrus isn’t the only one upset by these photos. Leading therapist, Dr. Gilda, is also disturbed by them and is publicly questioning Cyrus’ mental and emotional state.

Gilda said, “Something is going on. She needs attention..didn’t she also have cut marks on her arm recently? She knows it’s not good attention. This kind of behavior indicates there is definitely something wrong. She knows what she is doing is going to be covered in the press and she’s trying to get attention for some reason. For some reason she’s not feeling loved enough.”

Or, she really didn’t think the paparazzi would get a crotch shot of her naked vagina. Sometimes people make simple mistakes that don’t warrant an all out psychological review.

Poor Miley Cyrus has really become a target for tabloids but is she fueling the fire or just an innocent victim? What do you think?

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