Miley Cyrus Needs to be Tamed! (video)

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Miley Cyrus has a new music video out, and wow is it a humdinger.  I sat in silence trying to listen to the music, and watching the gyrating hips, the too revealing, too shocking costumes, and the way too much face paint.  Call me old fashioned if you must but I just can’t condone this.  My 16 year old daughter was shocked and mortified at the video.  What in heaven’s name is this teaching our children?

Miley Miley Miley What is wrong with you?  Have you been watching Lady GaGa again?  Are you having Beyonce dreams (more like nightmares).  Honey, you’re 17 years old.  You’re not a grown woman.  A 17 year old girl no matter who her daddy is, no matter how many records she has sold, no matter how much money she has made on her own TV show does NOT need to be making music videos such as “Can’t Be Tamed”.

Sweetheart, have your daddy give me a call I’ll tell him what he needs to do, to help you through your teen rebellion. (besides count the money you’re putting in his pocket).  Be a child while you have the chance to be one.  Enjoy decent music, look at the small children you have made happy in the past.  There is always time to grow up, and it will happen sooner than later my dear.  You’re pushing it close to being a Lohan look a like right now.  Pull it down a notch (or six).  Your biggest fans are between the ages of 8 and 15 years old, there is not a parent in their right mind who would want you as a role model for their child after watching your latest music video.

Let’s take a poll shall we? 

How many readers here actually feel that this is something they would actually sit down with their tween child and watch?  Show of hands?

Questions? comments? Concerns?

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