Miley Cyrus New Puppy: Liam Hemsworth Tried to Name Her!

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Miley Cyrus definitely loves animals! The teen queen added to her fur-kids and tweeted a bunch of photos of her new addition, Ziggy. From the photos, the pup looks like an English Bulldog—and she is just the cutest thing!

File:MileyCyrusApr09.jpgMiley posted quite a few pictures of her new baby and even revealed that her boyfriend, Liam Hemsworth wanted to name the pup “Daisy Dukes.” It’s unknown if the couple got the dog “together” but it seems like it’s just Miley’s pup, as she named her and didn’t say much about Liam having a say in anything (other than the name that she didn’t go with). Regardless, everyone loves a new puppy and Ziggy is going to fit in great!

Evidently Ziggy is getting along great in the family and loving her sister Lila (a Yorkie) and brother, Floyd (a Husky or Husky mix). It’s great that Miley Cyrus loves dogs and is able to provide good homes for a few. She is very proud of her “babies” and she loves them a lot.

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