Miley Cyrus Nipple, Breast, Crotch Shot Exposed: Twitter Reacts to Semi-Naked Photos

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Miley Cyrus can be seen in some semi-naked photos showing nip slips, her breasts, nipples and even crotch shots. It’s all exposed for you to leer and jeer at. Miley has come a long way and left a lot stunned, saddened and shocked in her quest for stardom. These are from her latest professional photo shoot.

Former Disney Star Miley Cyrus Signed Autographed Reprint 8x10 Photo with Open TopCyrus’ new edgy persona is too bitter for the taste of many. It doesn’t seem to matter to her though because she’s reinvented herself as an “artist.” Frankly, many are wondering if the young singer is hitting the meth pipe. These are the antics of someone brilliant or someone on the verge of a mental breakdown. Only time will tell what’s really going on.

Twitter is buzzing from the singer’s latest antics. HuffPostStyle described Cyrus’ recent photo shoot perfectly by tweeting, “When Miley Cyrus meets Terry Richardson, things get NSFW very fast.”

Miley Cyrus continues to pose and take provocative photos for the world to see. She’s exposed everything possible. Old perverts used to scrounge the Internet hoping for an underage nip slip or nipple sighting.

Now, Miley gives them what they want freely. There’s no longer a need to type in “Cyrus Crotch Shot” because chances are you’ll see those crotch shots on the front page of any news and entertainment site you go to.

Twitter is reacting to these new semi-nude photos. The reactions are mixed but it’s clear not everyone is grieving over the death of Hannah Montana.

One Twitter user wrote, “Miley Cyrus does ‘shocking’ things now. She’s no longer Hannah Montana. We know. If she wants to lick hammers, let her lick hammers. #done”

Meanwhile, JustJared’s Twitter account states that some celebrities don’t think Miley’s gone too far: “Rita Ora: Miley Cyrus Hasn’t Crossed the Line.”

Life’s too short not to be who you want to be but when you have regrets, life seems too long. What will Cyrus’ reaction be in 20 years?

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