Miley Cyrus Now Accused of Plumping Her Lips While her Hair Gets Famous Fan

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Miley Cyrus’ looks have become a hot topic lately. First she was criticized for being too thin, then some of her Twitter followers bashed her short hair. And now she’s being accused of plumping her lips. So is she on her way to becoming a tragic trout pout victim like Lisa Rinna?

Celebrity Dirty Laundry points out that Miley’s pout looks noticeably bigger in the photos she’s been posting of her new hair. Her bottom lip does appear to be quite a bit plumper than it does in an older photo.

However, the website doesn’t accuse Miley of getting lip injections; instead, it speculates that she simply used a topical treatment like Lip Venom to make her lips temporarily swell up. Or maybe she even used one of those crazy lip vacuum pumps that look a bit like sex toys. They’re perfect for girls who are a fan of the duck face look.

Even if Miley Cyrus did get lip injections, it doesn’t mean that she’ll be stuck with a trout pout forever. Lindsay Lohan and Jessica Simpson have both been photographed with lips that were a little too plumped up, but eventually they returned to normal. However, recently it looks like Lilo has gotten hers inflated again.

While the rest of the world is busy bashing Miley’s hair or making fun of her lips, at least she has one famous fan on her side. When Rumor Fix asked Vanessa Hudgens what she thinks of Miley’s new hair, she proved that she’s not one of the haters with this sweet response: “I love it!”

Of course, Vanessa Hudgens knows what it’s like to sport a super-short hairstyle; she lopped of her locks for the movie Gimme Shelter. Luckily Miley’s new ‘do looks much better than the grungy, soccer mom-ish style that Vanessa had to sport. Vanessa probably experienced Miley’s misery when she went short. Even though it was for a movie role, you can bet that there were still plenty of people who bashed her look.

So do you agree with Vanessa that Miley’s hair is hot, and do you think that Miley has done something to her lips?

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