Miley Cyrus Nude Photo Leak

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Wow! Miley Cyrus just turned 18 last week and there has already been a Miley Cyrus nude photo leak. This isn’t surprising, since Miley Cyrus is one of the hottest singers and actors around right now. People have been dying to see pictures like this of Miley, even suggesting she pose for Playboy. But, is this really Miley Cyrus?

It all started with a party Miley Cyrus held at her house last weekend, where it was reported her purse and phone were stolen. Somehow, 4chan ended up with the alleged Miley Cyrus nude photo and now it is sweeping across the Internet.

The photo, which can be seen here, does not show Miley Cyrus’s face, which is why some are speculating it is not her. 4chan did some fancy investigating and feels that the nude photo definitely is of Miley Cyrus. First, it was taken at the Westin Palace Hotel, where Miley Cyrus stayed after the MTV Music Video Awards earlier this month. The girl in the picture has the same beautiful flowing hair that Miley has. The unbuttoned shirt and bracelets seen in the Miley Cyrus nude photo have been seen before, on Miley, while she was in Madrid in November for the MTV Europe Music Awards.

Take a look at the Miley Cyrus nude photo that was leaked. What do you think? Is this really Miley Cyrus?

The Miley Cyrus nude photo was on her personal phone, along with a bunch of other pictures that have been leaked. Do you think its okay that Miley Cyrus has these kinds of pictures of herself? It may not be the most appropriate thing for a Disney star, but she is 18 now. And, so many stars have had nude photos and videos leak that maybe this is the new thing to do to boost a career? Maybe this is all just some strange ploy to get the public to realize that Miley Cyrus is not a little girl any more?

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