Miley Cyrus Punks Liam Hemsworth of ‘Hunger Games’ (Video)

Miley Cyrus Punk’d her boyfriend Liam Hemsworth during last night’s MTV episode. It’s obvious Miley loves Liam and it’s even more obvious Liam loves Miley. This joke was downright horrific for many reasons and it was also hilarious.

Liam Hemsworth Poster #01 24"x36"The Punk’d episode involved Hemsworth and Cyrus going to the bank to get money. After the singer parks the car, two naked people jumped into the car and the Hunger Games‘ actor completely flips out. Conveniently, officers just drive by (how can you not know you’re being pranked???). The episode drags on for awhile but it was funny. See it below.

Without MTV, you would have never known that Liam Hemsworth has such an anger problem. Miley Cyrus was able to utilize her acting chops a little. She’s actually pretty good at just winging it. However, you would think that Hemsworth would suspect he’s getting Punk’d since his girlfriend is the host!

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