Miley Cyrus Reveals New Pixie Cut and Is Extremely Excited About It

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Miley Cyrus wasn’t bluffing when she tweeted a photo of scissors being held up to her blonde bun—her hair is now super short.

Miley probably went through a lot of trouble to get her darker locks bleached to a platinum shade of blonde, and now her long locks are completely gone. It probably would have been easier to dye her hair lighter after cutting it all off, but perhaps Miley has just been in the mood to experiment lately—it kind of seems like this haircut might have been a spur-of-the-moment decision.

Now there’s not much she can do to change her look again unless she dyes her hair bright pink or shaves all of her hair off like Britney Spears. The sides of her hair are extremely short, with the top being a little bit longer so that she has bangs. The boyish pixie cut is very rock ‘n’ roll, so perhaps it is Miley Cyrus’ way of showing the world that she’s ready for a new chapter in her life—things are definitely changing fast for the young star since she’s engaged to be married.

And speaking of Miley’s engagement, it would definitely be interesting to know what Liam Hemsworth thinks of Miley’s new look—not every guy is a fan of super short hairstyles. But surely he’ll love her no matter what she does to her hair—he’s probably used to Miley’s spontaneity and ever-evolving style by now.

Miley does look pretty adorable with her new ‘do—it makes her eyes look really gigantic and bright. And the singer/actress certainly seems to be a fan of her wild style based on what she tweeted about it:

“Never felt more me in my whole life ?”

“most successful Sally day EVER! ??? I feel pretty ohhhh so pretty and gayyyy.”

So do you like Miley’s new pixie haircut, or do you prefer her with longer locks?

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