Miley Cyrus Reveals She’s in No Hurry to Marry Liam Hemsworth

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Miley Cyrus recently revealed she’s in no hurry to wed Liam Hemsworth. She says their engagement isn’t about a rush to the altar but rather about making a commitment to each other. Wonder what Billy Ray Cyrus thinks about that?

“Life is too short not to be with the person you want to be with,” explained the Party in the U.S.A. singer. “I don’t really care about the wedding or the piece of paper as much as I do the promise we’ve made to each other. And we want to have a long engagement.”

That’s pretty refreshing, actually. In this era of lavishly expensive, over the top weddings, it’s nice to see a celebrity couple who have no interest in outdoing their peers with the biggest and most ostentatious nuptials money can buy.

Despite her “revolutionary” ideas about tying the knot, La Cyrus is nevertheless quite traditional in some of her views on matrimony. She loves the vintage ring Liam gave her when he got down on one knee.

“I had no input,” Miley recalled. “We’d been kind of talking about [getting engaged], and I saw something like it online at one point and thought it was really pretty, but I usually wear rose gold. I just love that it’s old and has a story. And I’m happy because it doesn’t look like anything else I wear.”

Goodness. Is Miley Cyrus revealing that she’s just an old-fashioned girl at heart? Perhaps. And why not? Don’t most people have more than one aspect to their personalities?

You go, Miley Girl.

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