Miley Cyrus Rocks Rio In Sequined Bikini, Red Leather Jacket, and ‘Sprayed-On’ Shorts

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Miley Cyrus successfully laid to rest any residual memories of her erstwhile teenage Hannah Montana persona in the first Rio performance of her ongoing sold-out Gypsy Heart Tour. The now obviously-grown up Disney starlet sang and danced in a variety of sexy costumes, most of which involved red leather, sequins, and lots of bare skin. Or some combination thereof.

After parading around a Brazilian beach earlier this week with her tattooed mom, Tish, Miley Cyrus took to the stage on Friday night to do what she does best–sing and dance before a live audience of Miley fans. And she sported some “seriously provocative outfits” in the process. The sine qua non of Miley’s onstage persona was an intricately-detailed, red leather motorcycle jacket. She wore the jacket open, displaying a low-cut, sequin-studded, black leather bra and a pair of so-tight-they-looked-sprayed-on, black leather short-shorts. Beneath the shorts, she wore a pair of ‘suspender’-style pantyhose and her favorite Gypsy Heart Tour performance footwear–a pair of knee-high, black leather boots. Miley’s Rio fashion statement was an extension of the Taylor Momsen teenage-dominatrix look she created for her first Latin American concert in Quito, Ecuador.

You can ogle photos of Miley Cyrus strutting her outré dominatrix/fashionista stuff onstage in Rio by clicking here. But, oddly enough, she might not be pleased. After sunbathing with Tish earlier in the week in a teeny metallic bikini, the So Undercover star complained via Twitter about being hounded by Brazilian paparazzi:

“loving Rio 2.HATING the paps,” Miley tweeted, adding, “3. So not fair grown ass men can hide in the bushes and take pics of us girls in our bikinis!Â….”

Hey, Party in the U.S.A. Girl. You’re a great performer and you look fantastic. You obviously want to dress grown up, so grow up. Stop whining and complaining, and enjoy being who you say you are.

Or not. If you can’t stand a little harmless heat, then don’t dress for the kitchen.

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