Miley Cyrus Shocks ‘Fashion Police’

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This weekend, Miley Cyrus was singled out by the E! Entertainment crew known as the Fashion Police. With Melissa Rivers sitting in for Giuliana Rancic, she joined her mom Joan, George Kotsiopolous, and Kelly Osbourne on the judging panel to discern who looked good and who looked, well, not so good.

Miley was in the above categories as far as these arbiters were concerned. The former Hannah Montana was scrutinized for what she wore to the I Heart Music festival and what that was included, from bottom to top, leopard heels, a silver pencil skirt, a black crop top, and a Moschino letter belt.

Of course, she was also wearing her newly chopped blonde locks that made her into the punk version of herself that she’s been working up to since leaving the Disney fold. Her fresh mane, short as it is, was poofed up on top of her head, mocking a mohawk without being one. Cool trick.

That said, Fashion Police judge George Kotsiopoulos spoke up regarding the logo belt Cyrus chose, admitting he liked the accessory but didn’t like the way the budding thespian wore it “across [her] belly.”

Meanwhile, Miley’s friend Kelly Osbourne prefaced her critique by saying she’s is biased but commented that, in this outfit, Cyrus “looks amazing. I have to say her body has never been better. I love the mix of the silver with the black and the Moschino belt makes it even more fun and youthful.”

Melissa Rivers merely called the look “phenomenal.” And then she moaned, saying she wished she could wear this particular fashion statement, whereupon her co-star and mother, Joan, told her daughter she can because she has seen her naked. The senior Rivers joked that she keeps a nanny cam in her bedroom. Poor Melissa, but at least Joan issued her a compliment for once.

At the end of the hour, Melissa called Miley Cyrus the best dressed for the week, saying “I have to give it to her. She has become a gorgeous woman.” Her mom, Joan, agreed so these two Fashion Police judges were on her side all the way for what she picked as her sartorial statement she showed off at the I Heart Music festival.

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