Miley Cyrus Shows ‘Extreme’ Sideboob and ‘Aggressive’ PDA with Liam Hemsworth After Twitter Spat

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Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth were spotted on an outing in Santa Monica, CA. on September 29. It was their first public sighting since their reported disagreement over Miley’s TMI tweeting practices. Of course, as always, members of the media who happened to see the famous couple concentrated mostly on Miley’s outfit which was, also as usual, deemed “scandalous.” It was also observed that La Cyrus seemed to be lavishing Liam with some seemingly one-sided PDA. Ouch. That caused some celebrity websites to speculate that she was trying to “combat rumors that the two are…reportedly fighting due to her constant Twitter oversharing.” Good grief.

First of all, Miley’s outfit was hardly scandalous. The “Party in the U.S.A.” singer sported a pair of white lace shorts and a black halter top with black boots and a blue purse. Anyone who considers the outfit scandalous should avoid the southern California beaches where they will surely see far more skin than Cyrus was showing. As for her “trademark sideboob,” it was extremely tame. In fact, it wasn’t so much side boob as plain old side. There’s no visible swelling or protrusion. Actually, it could double as her shoulder or back. (Sorry, Miley.) As for being “very lovey” with Liam Hemsworth, she’s standing slightly behind him in the pic. He’s holding her left hand, and she’s reaching up to rest her right hand on his shoulder. It’s cute, but it hardly qualifies as an “aggressive” PDA fest. And even if it did, so what? They’re engaged, aren’t they?

So, was Miley Cyrus getting all touchy feely with her fiancé in an attempt to “win him back after their alleged fights about Twitter [and] using her sexy body and edgy new look to do it?” Hopefully not, since the entire Twitter quarrel was pretty ridiculous. It’s her Twitter account, and she has a right to Tweet what she wants. It’s really none of his business–as long as she doesn’t tweet negative or explicitly personal information about him.

Oh well, hopefully, that’s all cleared up. You can check out the photo by clicking here.

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Photo source: Zimbio

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