Miley Cyrus Slips on Revealing Skirt, Not See-Through Shirt This Time!

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Miley Cyrus has done it again! She has debuted another strange style concoction. However, this time, instead of following one of her favorite trends—bra-less, sometimes nearly see-through tops—she decided to show a bit more on bottom with a rather revealing skirt. The occasion? Apparently, a quick trip to a nail salon in Studio City, California.

Always a fan of the somewhat hippie dippy look and the sometimes tattered and grunge approach, Cyrus displayed her freedom of fashion choice again with a look fit for a “flower child.” She wore a cropped, sweater-like tank top that barely covered her midriff (and that may have been worn sans undergarments) with a long floral, tiered skirt made of light, thin fabric.

As Miley Cyrus dashed out of the nail salon, donning flimsy flip-flops with painted toes fresh from a pedicure, the sun certainly ripped right through said fabric and showed off nearly everything underneath her skirt. As Daily Mail reports, she was in a hurry to get home to walk her three dogs, including her new puppy addition, Floyd. Yes, the same Floyd that the singer tweeted about getting into the modeling industry. Perhaps she wants to dress him up in some crazy fashion outfits!

Nevertheless, Miley Cyrus’ most handsome accessory, Liam Hemsworth, was seemingly missing during this nail salon pit stop. And her newest permanent accessory, the tattoo that reads “love never dies” on her left bicep, remained hidden in the photos captured of the entertainer.

She certainly is a free spirit in her style and her outlook. However, if nothing else, it remains somewhat refreshing that she’s never shy to step out into the glaring and prying eye of the paparazzi and the public wearing whatever she feels like — and no matter how revealing. But is it all sheer madness or sheer perfection?!

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