Miley Cyrus Spotted Drinking Beer in Madrid

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Miley Cyrus was spotted drinking beer in a club in Madrid, Spain. Miley Cyrus is only seventeen! Why in the world was Miley permitted to drink openly in a club? Well apparently, in Madrid no one cares.

46677, LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - Wednesday October 27, 2010. FILE PHOTO dated Tuesday October 26, 2010. ORIGINAL CAPTION E-TABLET/IPAD & MOBILE PHONE APP PUBLISHING REQUIRES ADDITIONAL FEES** The legal drinking age in Spain is eighteen. Miley, although closer to legal age than in the United States, still doesn’t make the cut in Spain. TMZ allegedly spoke to Spanish officials who confirmed the law, then added that underage drinking is no big deal in their country. One officer explained that teens as young as 16 are okay to consume “certain” beverages in Madrid. No clarification on what “certain” means exactly, but Miley’s drink must have been one of those.

Attention Billy Ray and Tish, control your daughter please! We all know that things are tough right now since you are going through a divorce, but enough is enough. Miley, like it or not, is a role model for young girls who have come to know her as Disney’s “Hannah Montana.” They buy Hannah dolls, backpacks and clothes and in none of those items is Hannah tipping back cervezas in Spain!

How much further will Miley go? First, was the sexy pole dance. Next, was the numerous wardrobe malfunctions. Then, we endured the risqué music videos and song lyrics. Now underage drinking? Where will it end? What do you think of this mess? Share your thoughts below!

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