Miley Cyrus Stops Dad Billy Ray’s ‘The View’ Appearance

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Miley Cyrus may still be brewing over dad Billy Ray Cyrus’ shocking GQ interview in more ways than one. Reports are claiming that the former Hannah Montana star forced her father to cancel an appearance for The View.

It’s no secret that Billy Ray’s GQ interview left daughter Miley seething with anger, however, it seems she was willing to forgive him for it and chalk it up to him being pressured into saying those things by the media.

“At first Miley defended her dad, wanting to believe he had been tricked into saying bad things by the magazine,” an insider with knowledge of situation tells PopEater.

All heck broke loose when Billy Ray had scheduled an appearance for The View, which to Miley made it clear that her father was not coerced into saying what he had said. One time was one thing, but twice proved that this was Billy Ray’s doing and that he truly believed the offensive things he had said.

“When Miley found out her father was scheduled to appear on ‘The View’ on Wednesday she went nuts.  Only last week, Billy shot his mouth off in GQ, and now he planned to sit down with [Barbara and Whoopi] and talk more crap about his family. No way would Miley or her team let that happen,” a family friend told PopEater.

The source went on to how the interview angered and confirmed to Miley that her father had not been pressured to say what he’d said.

“Miley truly wanted to give her father the benefit of the doubt, goodness knows she’s said things she wishes she could take back. But after she found out about his media trip to New York, no more excuses could be made.”

Currently, Billy Ray’s New York has been canceled. There’s no word if it will be rescheduled.

This whole situation smells of role reversal, and might be an underlying cause of Billy Ray’s concern. No way would she let that happen? Who exactly is the parent here? The child should never be calling the shots over a parent no matter who may or may not be the breadwinner in the house. If someone doesn’t put her in her proper place there will be more things of concern popping up left and right that will make her bong smoking incident look like child’s play.

It’s no secret that Miley Can’t Be Tamed, but this whole situation smells of a LiLo on a power trip in the making. Someone, please grab her and make her see who truly is the parent and in control. Billy Ray is right to be concerned, and from the sounds of it, Miley’s camp holds a great deal of power over him. A recipe for certain disaster has been started and needs to be stopped before this nonsense continues any further.

What do you think of the control that Miley appears to have over Billy Ray? Weigh in below.

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